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Technical Writing Workshops


While you are most certainly an expert in your chosen field, you might not have that same confidence in your technical writing skills. KMG can help your staff improve their technical writing skills through a combination of workshops, consultation, and document review. 

proofreading, developmental editing


If you have a group of people who would like to improve their technical writing skills, KMG can offer a workshop or series of workshops on site or at a location of your choosing. The workshop includes 

License photos
Photo Licensing


A number of photographs are available for licensing. Galleries are added to the site periodically. Do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about image libraries that might not yet be listed here.

To browse available photos, visit our image galleries.


To discuss licensing options, email your needs to


Print Brokerage

As a busy business person, sometimes you just need to turn over a project to a trusted vendor to handle its design and printing. Kennamer Media Group can help. When we accept your project we will carry it through to its completion, saving you time and assuring the highest quality. We will also secure the best possible price for your print job, perhaps saving you money.

proofreading, editing, cover design
Services to Independent Authors

We understand publishing, so it is only natural that independent authors depend on us to help make their books look great and, consequently, be more profitable. We offer the following services:


Proofreading - We will read every word of your manuscript at twice looking for typographical errors, grammatical errors, misspelled words and punctuation issues.


Editing - Whether you need simple editing or more involved developmental editing, we can help to make your finished product the best it can be.


Cover Design - An attractive cover can make or break a book. Work with our designers to create a cover design that gets attention, and sells!

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