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Improve Your Photography

It seems that everyone walking around today is carrying a camera. Consequently, we are seeing more photos than ever before. But more, I am afraid, isn't always better. We would like to share these tips to help you improve your photography. Whether you are taking snapshops on your smart phone or using a DSLR to capture product shots, these tips will help you to make them the best they can be.

One of the best tips I can offer is to compose your shot in your mind before you snap the shutter button. In the days where taking photos meant purchasing film, loading the appropriate film, taking the photos and then sending the film off to be processed, we tended to take more time to compose our shots. But today, when the cost of a photo is nothing more than a sliver of memory on a reusable device, we sometimes forget to take the time to plan the shot. Without getting into all the technical aspects of composing the shot, just remember these key points when composing:

  • Look at the big picture. Think about how your subject will appear in your shot. Too close? Too far away? Too near the edge? Too near the center? The rule of thirds will help you to do this. Simply superimpose in your mind a tic-tac-toe board across your frame, and then think about placing your subject at one of the places where the lines intersect. This will place your subject in an eye-pleasing location.

  • Think about lighting. Lighting set ups do not have to be complicated to be effective. Sometimes, the late

afternoon sun coming through a window will cast just the perfect light on your subject. Using various amounts and types of light will change the mood of a photograph considerably, so experiment using various methods.

  • Think about shadows. Shadows are just as important as light in photos as they provide contrast to what would otherwise be a pretty boring image. Shadows are a natural result of light, so don't forget to include them in your photography to avoid an image that looks one dimensional.

  • Alter your perspective. Most photos are taken standing with the camera at eye level. Experiment taking shots at various levels to alter the perspective. The results may be striking.

This is a very quick overview of photography tips. Be sure to check back for more tips. Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to find out when more news is posted.

Kennamer Media Group, Inc. provides photographic services for a limited number of clients. If what you need goes beyond your level of ability or access to equipment, contact us to discuss how we might can help you with your project.

All the best... Mike

Mike Kennamer is President/CEO of Kennamer Media Group and is a published author and photographer. He publishes a blog called The Manual DSLR Project where he shares his journey of mastering the manual mode on his digital single lens reflex camera.

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