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Happy New Year from KMG!

2022 is a new and exciting time for Kennamer Media Group, Inc. as we are able to take on a few new clients and work on some new projects. For the past several years life has been so busy that we haven't taken on any new clients or projects but mostly just maintained our existing textbook projects by working on new editions as publishing cycles demanded. In 2022 we will be able to take on new clients and tackle new projects that we find interesting. By its very nature, KMG is not a high-volume business. We carefully select the projects that make sense for us and pass on the others.

If your company has a project that you'd like to discuss, please contact Mike at to arrange a meeting. We especially enjoy projects that teach, inform, or train but also work with marketing, public relations, and human resources projects. Whether it is writing new content (content development) for an employee training manual or classroom/online curriculum or updating existing content (content management), such as rewriting procedures, developing test questions, or photographing each step in a process, Kennamer Media Group can make your print and online publications reflect the excellence for which your company stands.


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